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The development of the prospective spray dryer for pharmaceutical intermediates
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The pharmaceutical intermediates industry mainly refers to chemical industry that produces organic or inorganic intermediates or API for finished products or pharmaceuticals according to strict quality standards by chemical synthesis or biosynthesis. It is reported that as early as the 80-90 century of twentieth Century, because the profit of pharmaceutical intermediates was higher than that of general chemical products, many enterprises joined in the production of pharmaceutical intermediates. In addition, the pharmaceutical intermediates industry has the characteristics of high investment efficiency and high value-added, so it has received extensive attention and favor in other fields.

With the improvement of the pharmaceutical market demand, the scale of pharmaceutical intermediates in China has been expanding, and a relatively complete system has been formed from research and development to production and sales.  The adjustment of industrial structure, transnational production transfer and further division of international division of labor in some large multinational pharmaceutical companies is making China increasingly an important intermediate production base in the global division of labor in the pharmaceutical industry.

But there are also industry people who are worried about the development of the industry. The source pointed out that the development of the world pharmaceutical industry's point of view, the overall technological level of our country is still relatively low, a large number of senior pharmaceutical intermediates and patent drug intermediates supporting less production enterprises, the industry is still in the development stage of the optimization and upgrading of product structure. In order to promote the development of the industry in a fine direction, in addition to the support of relevant policies, it can not be separated from the research and development of pharmaceutical machinery. Among them, spray dryer as an important pharmaceutical machinery equipment widely used in the pharmaceutical intermediates industry, will assume the important task of promoting the meticulous development of the pharmaceutical intermediates.

The spray dryer is a kind of equipment which can complete the drying and granulation at the same time. It is a kind of continuous atmospheric dryer. It is understood that the spray drying technology of solution, suspension, emulsion and drying, the product size is small and uniform, with good fluidity and high solubility characteristics. The spray dryer can allow some valuable but difficult medical intermediates to extend the shelf life for packaging, storage and transportation. At the same time, the spray dryer also simplifies the processing technology to ensure the purity and quality of the pharmaceutical intermediates.

In the context of the rising demand for pharmaceutical intermediates, the expansion of the market for generic drugs and the in-depth research and development of spray drying technology and equipment, spray dryer will face more severe challenges in addition to usher in a new round of positive effects. First, the technology of equipment and the content of science and technology need to be improved. At present, the trend of intelligent trend is rising. Some equipments in the pharmaceutical industry, such as Chinese herbal pieces, packaging equipment, sticky labeling machine, are developing towards intellectualization. Spray drying equipment enterprises should grasp the current trends, improve equipment technology, with advanced technology concepts, promote the upgrading of the spray dryer to mention.

Secondly, the innovation and development of the industry needs to break through the predicament. In the west, due to the achievement of industrialization development of pharmaceutical machinery industry, spray dryer is devotes to reduce labor cost in research and manufacture and equipment utilization. Therefore, the results of innovation, automation and intelligence can easily enter the field of spray drying equipment. But in our country, the spray drying equipment industry is relatively short relative to the western development history, and the innovation ability of the equipment is still on the way to catch up. Therefore, for the breakthrough of the bottleneck of innovation and development, the spray drying equipment enterprises have a long way to go.

Finally, the spray drying equipment needs to strengthen the environmental protection performance. The two word of environmental protection can be described as a huge stone on the machine industry. As a serious pollution medicine intermediate industry, its requirements for environmental protection will be greatly improved. As an important industrial process of spray drying technology, energy saving will also become an important trend of development. Therefore, in order to promote the development of pharmaceutical intermediates in the direction of green and meticulous development, spray drying equipment enterprises should consider improving the cycle application of heat and enhancing the research and development of environmental protection performance.

Although the spray drying equipment in China has been developing for more than 60 years, there are still some problems in the development of the industry, which needs to be solved by enterprises. And in promoting the fine development of pharmaceutical intermediates, the spray dryer enterprises also need to continue to explore, continuous innovation. I believe that with the trend of intelligent and environmental protection, the spray dryer enterprises can grasp the market demand, and gradually break through the technical bottleneck and catch up with the foreign technology level.

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